SEXY MUMMAS I Valentines Gifts


Surely it's not just me that thinks Valentine's Day is mostly a load of crap?  Why oh why would I want to buy my 35 year old husband a teddy bear clutching a heart, or a toast stamp, or a fabric rose?!
We tell each other every day that we love each other, so I don't feel the need to go over the top and shower him with shitty presents on Feb 14th.  Nevertheless, he always gets a card and a small gift.
Being a small hippo, shopping has lost all its appeal lately, and the shops seem fairly uninspiring.  I'm sure Ann Summer's has some very saucy goodies in, but of course that's off limits at the moment too, so what else do I get?
Well, in our house, our Sunday night cheese and biscuits tradition is still going strong- I've just had to substitute stinky cheeses for extra mature cheddar.  I stumbled across The English Wine Shop and they have a great choice of English wines and gifts. 
For £24.95 I treated Mr J to a lovely wine box which has a bottle of Three Choirs English red wine and a small truckle of mature cheddar.
I'm sure he'll appreciate that more than a pair of novelty pants.
Check out The English Wine Shop for a gift that's a little different.

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