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There is much debate about whether deodorants/anti-perspirants are safe to use, since it was suggested that there could be a link to breast cancer. There have a been studies and the evidence does not confirm a link (see the Cancer Research site info on  this here). However, the ingredients in question are aluminium based or parabens.

(Anti-perspirants block the pores from sweating, whereas deodorants prevent odour by using fragrance as well as reducing the levels of underarm bacteria.)

Now, I decided to stop using deodorant/anti-perspirants during breastfeeding in case any of these nasties filter into the breast milk. I am now 18 weeks pregnant with my second baby, and still breastfeeding my first, so I imagine it will be a good while before I go back to conventional anti-perspirants (if at all).

Now, I seem to sweat a lot more during pregnancy and breastfeeding, (apparently down to the crazy hormones), so that combined with my extra keen sense of smell means that I can smell myself and it makes me feel sick! Oh dear! A solution is required!

So I decided to test some 'natural' deodorants, to save me and everyone else around me:

Green People Aloe Vera Deodorant, £7.95 for 75ml

Top of my list, this deodorant contains no aluminium, parabens, alcohol or artificial fragrances, and contains soothing aloe vera.

I am a fan of Green People produtcs because they combine natural ingredients with the science to make them actually work. They use Zinc ricinoleate together with a solution of Ammonium alum in their range of roll-on deodorants. They state on their website that whilst Ammonium alum does contain some aluminium, it is bonded into a molecule that is physically too large to penetrate the skin. Zinc ricinoleate is the zinc salt of ricinoleic acid, extracted from the seeds of the castor oil plant. Zinc ricinoleate does not inhibit normal perspiration, and will not interfere with the natural flora of the skin. Instead, it ‘fixes’ the odours produced by bacterial decomposition in sweat so that they cannot be released into the atmosphere and cause the characteristic sweaty smell. (See the Green People site for more details here).

It seems to work well. No strong scent. Nice and natural. Roll-on so takes a few minutes to dry. No noticeable marks left on my clothes.

This product is 89% certified organic and contains fairly traded ingredients.

Green People Rosemary Deodorant, £7.95 for 75ml

Again no nasties as per the aloe vera version. This is for more sensitive skin. Also a roll-on so allow drying time.

I found this scent more herbal/medicinal, so I personally preferred the aloe vera one, but both worked equally well.

Aubrey Organics E Plus High C Deodorant- £7.49 for 85ml

Aubrey Organics produce a range of all-natural skincare products. Using herbal, plant extracts and natural vitamins in all their products with no petrochemicals or artificial colours or fragrances. They also support the Cruelty Free campaign against animal testing. This product is Vegan too (yay!).

This deodorant is made with certified organic ingredients: natural vitamin E, organic aloe and other skin soothers such as lavender and witch hazel. Does contain alcohol though.

I'm afraid I sweated through this one and had slightly sticky armpits after a few hours (however the test may have been unfair since it was during the heatwave- a really hot day!). Smells lovely though with essential oils, and I didn't actually smell bad so it must have done something! It's a roll-on so takes a few minutes to dry. No noticeable marks left on my clothes.

Pitrok Crystal Roll-On Deodorant for Women- £3.05 for 50ml from Boots

PitROK Crystal deodorants are based on pure natural mineral salts and formulated with aloe vera and grapefruit seed extract. PitROK is dermatologically tested, not animal tested, does not block pores and is alcohol free. PitROK does not contain aluminium chlorohydrate, aluminium zirconium, parabens, SLS or SLES, propylene glycol or silicone.With aloe vera and grapeseed oil smells nice. Very gentle scent like a nice perfume. Another roll-on so takes a few minutes to dry. Kept me dry all day. Again no nasty marks on clothes.

Pitrok Crystal Deodorant Wipes- 20 for £2.49 

Brilliant! For a quick freshen up before you rush out after a busy couple of hours with bubs, or to pop in your handbag for freshening on the go. Again smell lovely.

Forever Living Aloe Ever-Shield Deodorant Stick , £6.07 for 92g

This is a dry stick so no waiting time. Made with stabilized Aloe Vera gel, this gentle blend of ingredients contains no aluminum salts. Forever produces pure and fresh aloe by using natural farming methods with no fertilisers and pesticides. However, I decided not to try this as unfortunately contains Triclosan (which is used to reduce and control the growth of bacteria on the skin) and there is some research to show that Tricolsan can have a negative impact on the body's endocrine system, see: 

Dr.Organic Pomegranate Deodorant, £5.19 for 50ml
available from Holland and Barrett

Dr Organic’s range of 100% natural deodorants come in six combinations of 100% organic; Lavender, Manuka Honey, Tea Tree, Aloe Vera, Pomegranate, and Vitamin E. I tried the Pomegranate.

Smells pleasant not too strong. Works well. Dries quickly. Suitable for Vegans which is a bonus point. Does contain a form of alcohol though if you're being fussy!

Faith in Nature Crystal Stick Deodorant Unscented- £3.85 for 100g
available from

This comes in a push-up stick format. To use it apply after a shower or bath to wet skin or dampen the crystal first and then rinse the stick after use.

The pure natural rock crystal in this push-up stick is supposed to get rid of odour-causing bacteria. There are no parabens and no aluminium chlorohydrate, but is made from ammonium alum (natural mineral salts) only, to control bacteria. (See details above in the Green People section for Ammonium Alum).

I didn't actually feel sticky with this and didn't smell bad but I could still smell something that wasn't nice when I sniffed up close! So maybe it's not killing off all the bacteria it should? I think it could also do with something else in it to mask any odour. No marks on my clothes though and dried quickly. Nice to have only one ingredient instead of lots. I get the feeling this would last a good while too.

Hopefully this will help you make your world smell a little better whilst being a bit kinder to your breasts and (if nursing) your breastmilk.


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