HOT MUMMAS I Mama Mio High Protein Face Care Challenge!


Early pregnancy plays havoc with your skin. All those hormones whizzing around can change your usual skin type dramatically. With both of my pregnancies I developed terrible spots for the first couple of months. I have also tried to avoid any facial products containing chemicals, which has made it difficult to find anything suitable to deal with my ageing yet spotty skin (I am 37! an older Mum). Currently 15 weeks pregnant I am also still breastfeeding my 18 month old daughter, which means being really careful about what I put on my skin.

I have tried quite a few really 'natural' products, but I often feel that I need something natural yet with a bit more strength and oomph to it. The MamaMio High Protein Face Care range seemed like the answer to my prayers! MamioMio say that all of their products are safe throughout pregnancy because their no nasties policy applies to everything they do. (MamaMio list every ingredient in the enclosed instructions and on their website, along with details of what each ingredient does for your skin: which makes the long list seem much less scary and much more positive).

MamaMio promise that their high protein range will deliver firm, fabulous and glowing skin from day one. I decided to try the following three products from the Try Me Trio Set (£23) for ten days (the recommended time frame for radical improvement) to see if their claims are justified.

The set contains:
Clean Slate – aloe-rich gentle foaming cleanser
Mighty Moisture – day and night moisturiser
Eye Know – all in one eye serum to depuff and debag

I'll be honest I didn't expect miracles. Most skincare products are marketed these days as the new miracle treatment. I have to say I was pleasantly suprised. After only three days my skin actually started to look (a little) less spotty and more glowing! Wow! I did notice that it glowed more straight after use and then it wore off a little during the day. A reason to become addicted!

I also found the products pleasant to use, see my comments below:

Clean Slate £22.50 for 150ml – aloe-rich gentle foaming cleanser

This is soap free, SLS free etc. One tiny pump lathers up nicely and skin feels clean afterwards but not tight and stripped of oils. TOP TIP: Use bath gloves to lather this up and scrub your face! Rinses off easily. No strong fragrance just a light pleasant one.

Main ingredients include:  Organic aloe vera leaf juice, ecocertified coconut derived cleansers, Ecoskin™, glycerin, Phylderm Vegetal`C2™, Tritisol™, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, lavender, lavandin, chamomile and mandarin oils.

Mighty Moisture – day and night moisturiser

One moisturiser for both day and night is pretty useful. MamaioMio describe it as : lightweight in texture but  super-heavyweight with actives, which include Hylaronic acid and omegas and tightening proteins and peptides. I agree it is a  very light cream, and you only need one or two pumps for the entire face and neck. I think this is the main product component of the set that creates the 'glow'. Skin looks dewy afterwards but is not sticky. It has a gentle lavender scent but it doesn't linger after application.

Main ingredients are: Peptamide 6™ hexapeptide, Proteasyl™ peptide, Hyaluronic Acid, Triactigen™ , Tritisol™ , Phylderm Vegetal C2™ , Oat Protein, BVOCS™, Helioguard 365™ , Ecoskin™ , Aloe Vera Leaf Juice (organic). If you want to know what these are and what they do, take a look at the details in the Ingredients section on the website here.

Eye Know – all in one eye serum to depuff and debag

This eye serum is extremely light and I only applied one little pump around the entire eye area. I found it easily absorbed and didn't sting eyes. Eyes didn't feel tight or sticky afterwards but it gave a nice silky feeling to get rid of dryness and lines.

Main ingredients are: Hyaluronic Acid, Peptamide 6™ hexapeptide, Proteasyl™ polypeptide, PhytoCellTec Solar Vitis™, EyePro 3x™, Triactigen™, Tritisol™, Phylderm VegetalC2™, BVOCS™, Oat Protein, Ecoskin™. Again,  if you want to know what these are and what they do, take a look at the details in the Ingredients section on the website here.

For other Mums and Mums-to-Be concerned about putting nasties on their face, but in need of some real product action, give MamaMio's High Protein Face care range a try. This great trial size pack also means you don't need to fork out loads on products until you know you are happy with them.

You can buy MamaMio products direct from their website here: or from a stockist such as John Lewis or Mamas and Papas, see a full list here:

MamaMio also do a range of products particularly tailored to pregnancy such as stretch mark oil, bust fiming cream etc, see them all here.  Our other writer will be testing some of these soon, watch this space!


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