FIT MUMMAS | Day 4 - does housework count as exercise?


Stats: Sat 3 August
Weight: 64.6kg
Exercise: Spent whole day scrubbing kitchen and rest of house
Naughty food: I had a few pieces of that Dairy Milk choc with the sweeties inside! and hubby made pasta for dinner


Things aren't going all that well if I'm honest. We had buyers look around our house Sunday so spent entire Saturday cleaning. Inexplicably it took about 4 hours to clean the kitchen top to bottom! I felt like I'd run a marathon afterwards but who can tell if I burnt a lot of calories or not.

The problem is, all that work made me want naughty food on Saturday night. So I need to be a bit stronger. But at least we didn't crack open any wine, so that's good.

My weight has crept up a bit but such small differences could be down to something as simple as not having been to the loo, so not too worried.

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