FIT MUMMAS | Day 2 and already lagging!


Stats: Thurs Aug 1
Weight: 64.4kg
Exercise: weights, 100 squats, mowing the lawn
Naughty foods: I ate the last chocolate hobnob .. just to get rid of it you know


So I've decided to post these in the mornings now as there is just no time in the evenings between making dinner for Lucy then for us and putting her to bed.

After the sit-ups on Wednesday I felt a bit like someone had kicked me in the ribs so I gave them a miss yesterday in favour of some simple weights and other non-stomach straining exercise. Hopefully doing the garden in 30 degree heat sweated off a few ounces too!

Off to a slow start I think but as long as I can keep off the naughty snacks I think I'll be ok!

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