FIT MUMMAS | Day 5 - the UK holiday challenge begins


Stats: Monday 5 August
Weight 64.8kg
Naughty food: travel snacks (crisps), 2 pints of lager


This will be my last weigh-in until the weekend as I'm on holiday with the family in Wales. Not a scale in sight (unless you count my legs post-beach). It's going to be tough to keep up some form of diet but there is a lot of seafood on offer here in Tenby so as long as I stick to that and don't get a side of chips too often I might be ok!

Exercise-wise there will be plenty of walking up and down the beach, weather permitting, but honestly, doing strenuous stuff will be hard. However my friend kindly (?!) gave me this link to the squats from hell session so I will give it a try and see how far I get. Apparently you can feel it working straight away. I assume if you can't walk or sit that means it's working :-)

Give it a try?

RL xx

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