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The Babyzen Yoyo Buggy

I recently wrote about an exciting new lightweight and foldable pushchair on the market called the Babyzen YOYO, and now have an exciting new update!

I was a little disappointed previously that the old version of the buggy was only suitable from 6 months and  up to 15kg. (The Bugaboo Bee is suitable from birth.) The seat was also not reversible (as the Bugaboo Bee is), and only forward facing, which was targeted towards toddlers rather than newborn babies, who like to keep their parents in view! However, the new Babyzen YOYO is now suitable to use from birth and can be used forward facing and outward facing. The YOYO 0+ will have all the same great features as the existing YOYO 6+ (suitable for 6 months+), but will accommodate babies from birth. The stylish newborn stroller is rear-facing with a pop-up canopy that can be adjusted to 3 positions, a foot cover and head support and a 5 point harness. By removing the newborn nest and adding the 6+ pack (seat base and hood), parents can convert the YOYO 0+ to the existing YOYO 6+, an outward facing stroller with multi-position reclining seat.

It is still the smallest folding buggy in the world and the only buggy that can be taken on board a plane as hand luggage-the first buggy in the world to fully comply with size recommendation for cabin baggage. Anyone who has flown with a young child will also be familiar with the hassle of having to get the buggy packed away into the main luggage hold as it is simply too big to take on as hand luggage. The YOYO is truly compact buggy (52 x 44 x 18 cm when folded), great for planes, as well as squeezing into a car boot etc. (The Bugaboo Bee is 88 x 43 x 31).

Anyone who travels or uses public transport knows how annoying large pushchairs are, so this is great.

Apparently, the revolutionary new Babyzen YOYO travel buggy has been flying out of the shops since it launched here in the UK in 2013. And now that the newborn version has just launched this month they are expecting their first batch to sell out just as quickly.

The feature that really caught my attention is the weight: it is only 6 kg! This is half the weight of most buggies and less than the Bugaboo Bee at 8.5kg, which I purchased mainly because it was one of the lightest  on the market, (amongst other things.) Although my Bee is fairly easy to manoeuvre on public transport, it is still pretty heavy to lift up and down stairs at stations with no elevator, especially with a toddler sitting in it! This is even more relevant now that I am pregnant again! Those extra few kg can make all the difference!

It is also very good value:
  • YOYO 0+ with new born nest £375 
  • YOYO 6+ with outward facing seat base £319 
  • Complete YOYO with New Born Nest and 6+ Seat base £445 
  • The YOYO 0+ can be converted into a YOYO 6+ by adding a seat base and 6+ colour pack for just £70
Of course, you could just get a cheaper stroller if you have a toddler, but it won't have a lot of the features of a proper buggy, especially the following: Just like the Bugaboo Bee, the folding mechanism on the YOYO allows it to be opened and folded in seconds with just one hand, and it can then also be carried over your shoulder with the detachable shoulder strap. You can see the video demo here:

BabyZen list the other key features as follows:
  • 4-wheel suspension.
  • Exclusive "soft-drive" system: no need to lock the front swivel wheel, even on rough terrain.
  • Reclinable backrest, removable and washable fabrics


You can also buy some accessories (similar to the Bugaboo's) such as the cup holder, footmuff and brolly.

Unfortunately,  It is also not possible to replace the seat with a compatible care seat as you can on the Bugaboo I'm afraid, a useful feature for Mums about town getting taxis. However, if you live in a big city, you can always put the whole buggy into a black cab. TOP TIP: The new Hailo phone app has been a lifesaver for me on this front, enabling me to travel in taxis without the car seat, and enabling me to hail a cab in minutes wherever I am, via the app, rather than standing out on the street trying to find one.

The handlebar is not adjustable as the Bugaboo is, but thanks to its curved and 106 cm high handlebar, it is comfortable to drive a YOYO, no matter how tall you are.

The YOYO is available in red, black and blue, grey and pink. Covers are interchangeable.

So for all you keen travellers and Mums-about-town- get your hands on this great value portable buggy right away!

There is a full list of stockists on the babyzen website, but if you want to buy online try

Visit their website for more info


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  1. This yoyo buggy is awesome! I think i am looking for the same.
    love to hear about its weight and the beautiful colors that they come in. .
    wish to buy soon

  2. Hi there,

    I have the 2013 YoYo frame, can this be converted to a newborn one if I bought the back or is it only the 2014 frame that allows this?

  3. Hi Toni we are checking and will respond shortly. Thanks

  4. can you have a toddler parent facing with this or is it only lie flat in parent facing?

  5. Hi Toni unfortunately it's only the new frame that can be converted as it needed to be redesigned to accommodate both packs

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