HOT MUMMAS I What You REALLY Need to Pack in Your Hospital Bag for Labour!


There are many lists on the web detailing items you might need when you go into labour, and you can even purchase ready packed bags. However, I am due to give birth to my second baby any day now and after the first I can tell you some of it is a waste of time, and some things that people always miss off theirs are essentials! So here we go this is my REAL hospital bag list!

  • Clothes and toothbrush for your partner if they need to stay (mine stayed all week with me last time as bubs was in special care unit)
  • Comfy clothes for you to leave hospital in (don't think you will fot back in your old clothes! You will need maternity bottoms with soft waistband and nursing tops) including nursing bras
  • Your own breast pump
  • Breastfeeding pillow
  • TENS machine if you're using one
  • Birthing ball if they don't supply them and you think it's worth it
  • Breast pads (tons)
  • Breastfeeding vitamin supplements
  • Bottled water (a week's supply in case you are kept in)
  • Fan, preferably with water spray (see for this)
  • Flannel to mop down sweaty labour forehead
  • Disposable slippers (you won't want to keep them after treading yukky hospital floors with all those bugs)
  • Phone and charger
  • Camera and charger
  • Ipad and charger or kindle- for moments of boredom if kept in
  • Ipod and charger plus battery powered speakers if you want to play music in your birth suite
  • Button down pyjamas
  • Cosy dressing gown
  • Cosy socks (a week's supply in case you are kept in)
  • Nipple cream
  • Disposable pants (a week's supply in case you are kept in)
  • Extra absorbent night time pads with wings (a week's supply in case you are kept in) (maternity pads are horrid)
  • Snacks (a week's supply in case you are kept in) (hospital food is horrid)
  • Toiletries including dry shampoo
  • Makeup and mirror- bronzer in particular, lip balm
  • Hairbrush and scrunchies/hair bands
  • Your own paracetamol/cocodamol in case you miss the dispensing nurses rounds while in loo or tending to baby
  • Your own tissues/loo roll/soap
  • Cash for taxis, snack machines etc
  • Ear plugs!!
  • Baby swaddles (otherwise you won't be able to sleep worrying about SIDS)
  • Baby nappies (a week's supply in case you are kept in, that could be a pack a day!)
  • Cotton wool to clean baby (they say not to use wipes on newborn)
  • Top and tail bowl
  • Babygros (a week's supply in case you are kept in)
  • Baby hat, socks, mittens (a week's supply in case you are kept in)
  • Baby muslins
  • Car seat
  • Warm outfit for baby's trip home
Apparently hospitals don't like you bringing in a big suitcase, but unless you are able to have someone on standby to bring a second bag I say bring it all just to be safe!

Good luck ladies!


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  1. Great list. I would add to it by saying pack two bags - one for an overnight stay and one with all the rest of the stuff in case you need to stay in hospital longer. Your partner or a friend/family member can always bring it in for you if need be. Definitely agree with the maternity pads thing. I was going through about 7 per day in the week after my son was born!


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