Hooray! Today is the day that one of the most covetable Instagram brands GLOSSIER is now shipping to the UK.

Once upon a time there were certain brands you could only buy abroad unless you fancied adding the cost of a flight to the USA, or ridiculous shipping costs.
Maybe you were savvy enough to be one step ahead and found them on eBay, Depop or the like (but were likely to pay WAY over the odds). I nearly did it myself - but managed to hold back until the launch date today (plus I know the PR!)

Anyway today is the day that Glossier have started shipping their 22 products to the UK after just over two years of serving just the US (they launched in 2014) inspired by what girls want in real life.
Started by Emily Weiss CEO of beauty bible Into The Gloss and her of The Hills fame (she's bloody gorgeous to boot).

Why are we so excited about this launch?

If you don't know about Glossier, you absolutely MUST. We are not paid to say this at all - we just love the ethos of REAL SKIN - which seems to be an anomaly in the world of Instagram (Face Tune, anyone?)

The brand uses the tag line: Skin first. Makeup second.
If your skin is dehydrated, off-key, and just basically having a total bitch fit (man, you should see my profound bags today Tesco would be proud to use them for home delivery purposes) anyway if your skin isn't performing at 70-90 per cent (we're realists here at Babyurbeautiful) then make-up is going to sit HORRENDOUSLY!

The brand was born on social media and has legions of beauty devotees (766k followers on Insta to be exact) who just love the millennial candy pink branding, the bubble-gum pink zip bags the products arrive in (these were selling on Depop for £5 alone!) and catchily named products - I mean seriously 'Cloud Paint' just sounds dreamy, right?

Plus we love that there is no hard sell like 'anti-ageing' formulas or 'eye bag treatments' and its desire to 'democratise the world of beauty' by consulting their fans and readers of the accompanying blog what they REALLY want.

CEO Emily describes the brand as 'go easy' i.e enjoy making yourself look good and stop picking out flaws with the vision of a 'beauty brand that didn't have to make women feel crap about themselves' -  - perfect for those exhausted mums who are the complete antithesis of the Love Island/Kardashian look.

Anyway here are our top three if you fancy a little splurge today:

Milky Jelly Cleanser, £15 - cleanser for removing the traces of the day

Best for removing all traces of make-up (unless waterproof mascara), this PH-balanced cleanser is  made with five skin conditioners including Pro-Vitamin B5 which is a powerful natural moisturiser,
1/4 of the H20 content is replaced with rosewater - so it's not only nourishing but soothing on the skin.

Priming Moisturiser, £18 - Skin prep and moisturiser in one

How much do you currently pay for your moisturiser?
I often mix it up and can go from £1.99 Astral to a £30 Dermalogica and love both just as much as they inevitably both do the job of keeping my skin hydrated and that's all I'm simply looking for.
This amazing product is a purse-friendly multi-tasker that is light and build able for a dewy canvas ready for your make-up application.
It has a anti-redness complex with a mix of tea and honey extracts to help calm skin; it's pumped full of antioxidants such as Vitamins A, C and E which help protect against external aggressors.
Then one of our favourite ingredients here at Babyurbeautiful: Hyaluronic acid, which helps give skin that mega hydration hit by (it holds 1000 times its own weight in water) by holding onto water in the spaces between the cells of our skin thus keeping it plumped and hydrated.

Cloud Paint, £15 - Blusher

Don't panic by the price point a teeny tiny dab is needed to transform your face from that flushed from within glow.
The pillowy, gel-cream formula is buildable so you wont end up like Aunt Sally NB: google her!
One of the key ingredients is collagen which retains a high amount of water to hydrated and plump your skin with moisture.
Oh, and our favourite hue - the peachy on trend BEAM (pictured).

L x

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