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'It's not the happy people who are thankful, it is thankful people who are happy.'

Today saw babyurbeautiful popping to the Rituals press day.
Now my 3 1/2 year-old is at reception from 8.30 to 3pm (let's say 9 to 2 on my clock) my day is basically organised around dropping and collecting him (and we all know about my tardiness) so it's now  much easier to get work done with the niceties inbetween.

Today's launch was around Ayurveda - the ancient art of living wisely and the 5,000 year old science of life.
You're probably thinking 'oh here we go, what rubbish is this?'
It's not, it's quite apt actually.
Every year in the UK, 70 million workdays are lost due to stress related conditions including anxiety and depression, and is the leading cause of sick days - as mums, we can't decide to take a day off of our kids.

According to Ayurveda, we should try to be in tune with our body and our energy levels balanced - easier said than done, right?
Coffee can only do so much, and in terms of being in tune - I certainly know when 'that' week is!

Ayurvedic practises work in a way of balancing our energies and reaching optimum health and well-being; and as a mum it's all too familiar being out of kilter.
Even if you're not a mum, we all need to take a few minutes out and EVERYONE can spare 5-10 minutes for this.

Here's the breakdown of doshas (energies):


You have an impulsive personality, you're energetic, fun and lively. Your mind is easily distracted and hyperactive.

When Vata is balanced:

You are joyful, creative and vital

When Vata is unbalance: You are fearful and anxious.


You have a sharp mind and have good concentration powers. You're passionate and enthusiastic, stable and very reliable.

When Pitta is balanced: You are intelligent and content.

When Pitta is imbalanced: You are angry, aggressive and demanding.


You're laid-back and easy-going, loving and compassionate. You are very calm and stable, but you can also be possessive and have a tendency to hold on to things.

When Kapha is balanced: You are loving and forgiving

When Kapha is imbalanced: You are insecure and envious

Which one resonates with you?
I won't divulge mine, but strangely I knew I would be told which specific one - even though I didn't have any clue what any of the dosha energies were about!

Rituals have devised three dry oils linked to your personal Dosha.
Where the ayurvedic practise comes into play, is by massaging yourself in the morning or the night and feeling comfort in this simple act.

Even though I clearly related one particular dosha, I decided to take an alternative dry oil home because the scent was more appealing to me.
The dry oil helps balance your energies by you giving a self-loving mini massage (hands, hair, arms) anything that makes you feel good.
I never forget packing a particular massage oil into my hospital bag because it restored a sense of calm.
A follower on my Instagram guffawed at my hospital bag essential - but when I birthed with no pain relief (and it wasn't an easy birth, believe me!) it brought comfort to me - it's honestly the little things.

VATA contains almond and basil and works to relax and energise - take this one slowly and don't apply to much pressure.
PITTA (does not contain bread, no!) it has lavender and ylang ylang and helps you to feel joyful, energetic and passionate - it's important you use long, slow strokes for this one.
KAPHA is ginger and cinnamon and helps you feel loving and compassionate - this one is all about the pressure to invigorate the body and mind.

Each of the oils are £19.50; whenever you feel any feelings of insecurity or imbalance just take a deep breathe and inhale your energy balancing oil.

Lauren x

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