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"How was your Christmas?", everyone at work is asking today. Umm, shit, I think - "lovely" I answer. OK it wasn't that bad but me, Lucy and hubby all had mild flu and apart from giving us an excuse to veg on the sofa for two weeks it pretty much ruined the festive atmosphere. And we couldn't taste our Christmas dinner either, so double bummer :-)

Consequently waking up that first morning to go to work was a shocker, I can tell you, especially on looking in the mirror at my sickly green pallor and dark eye circles. Looking back at the photos from that Christmas week I can clearly see that the make-up I desperately applied didn't hide the lurgy at all so under the strip lights at work I need all the help I can get! 

But luckily I got a Christmas gift, courtesy of my mum, which has made things a bit better. When we have colds we stuff ourselves with Vitamic C, but I found the quickest way to revive my skin was to slap on some of The Body Shop's Vitamin C range.  It didn't eliminate my tired eyes (you can't get rid of pink-eye that easily!) but it definitely gave my skin a much needed lift.

My gift was three items: Energising Face Spritz, Facial Cleansing Polish and Skin Reviver.

I'm not a massive fan of face spritz products if I'm honest, I don't quite know why, so I haven't used that particular one yet. Though if I get desperate enough I'll give it a try and update this blog post.

The other two were great though.  You know when you feel kind of disgusting after being ill and your skin looks kind of dead?  Well the cleansing polish really made it feel fresh and revived after I used it, and sometimes feeling better is as much about how you feel as how you look.

The skin reviver is the best item. It's sort of like a cross between a serum and a moisturiser. It goes on really smoothly and creates a nice glow even though it's completely non-greasy and has a kind of matt-effect.  I usually worry with this kind of thing that it'll dry out my skin but this one hasn't and it's the perfect thing to wear under make-up too.

The other product in this range I want to try is the Radiance Powder Mix, so I'm going to add that to my shopping list.  A while ago I saw a friend and couldn't get over how glowing her skin looked. She always looks lovely but this was something else - it looked like she glowed from within! I'm not even exagerating. So I asked her how she did it and she said she'd been using this Vitamin C product for a month or so. 

Since then I've been meaning to try it but hadn't got around to it, but now I've got a bit of extra incentive.  Even when I am feeling completely well, I'll still be a haggard mum so I think I can justify it!

Sorry I've got a bit overexcited about this, but if you haven't already used it I would recommend mums to give this Vitamin C range a try.  Winter is the perfect time to try it as apparently you're not supposed to use these types of product and then go in the sun!

Or maybe you have used it and think it's crap? I'll happily hear all opinions in comments :-D

RL x

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