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Shhh! You'll wake the baby!

I'm furiously blogging while my 8 week old snoozes, a real rarity, believe me!

Anyone that knows me knows I love a spot of Shoreditch house action. Not just for posing, no!
I, for one, adore their simple concoction of a tasty breakfast; avocado laced with chilli on rye, and a side of juicy saucisson - ooo yea!
Then we come to their frites teamed with mayo in a mini jam jar - the perfect accompaniment to chips in my opinion.
There's the delicious deep fried zucchini (courgette to you and I), or sinking a pot of steaming fresh mint tea while getting the creative juices flowing.
Either way, there are lots if reasons why I love the house (cocktails *coughs*) one main one being: Cowshed spa and THE (yes, I am shouting) BEST-PEDI-ON-EARTH. My raison d'être.

Ok, so in mum terms: 
A Cowshed Pedi: £55
SMP: :( 

But fret ye not young mummies. That's where UR CHEEKY comes into it. 

I have no idea why I never told you guys about Cheeky, having known about it long before I left on maternity leave. 
Cheeky Salon is the brainchild of Cowshed, so we'll coin it aptly, their little baby. 
With baby-friendly prices but mega high service you'll need never step inside a overpriced spa again (hmm, questionable).
Admittedly, I've only seen the in-house cheeky salon (on the 4th floor gym) only available to members, but it was mightily inviting to my bitten-to-a-stump talons.
But for us mere mummy mortals there's only one Cheeky salon in Shoreditch, East London.
(I feel like I'm about to burst into a football chant).

(Pic stolen from their Instagram: urcheeky)

The salon is based in bustling Redchurch street, home of my favourite sweat-pit bar where I spectacularly stacked it and left with a bruise the size of Oz, (my whole thigh actually).
A cheeky file and paint will set you back £10 with £1.50 for any 'ring finger' artwork - but you'll get a 10ml polish of your choice to take home from one of their 21 delicious shades, which makes it even more bloody brilliant, especially when a Polish is usually £7.00.
My personal faves are 'American Hot' and 'Vamp it up' both respectively saucy red and berry shades.

Cheeky has six mani stations and four for pedis, plus seven coiffure stations for blow dries and the inevitable trendy up and down do's.
 I've yet to sample any 'do's' but I'm heading to Shoreditch next week - so here's hoping- (It's even more of a rarity for me to wash my hair these days).

As baby and I marvel at the price list from the warmth of our crumpled bed, we note Cheeky has taken into account Shoreditch living (I.e idiosyncratic garments, taste for the high life, extortionate rental prices and trying to achieve that I-didn't-really-try-that-hard appearance on beer money. Even vintage, the clobber of choice, is double the price in Shoreditch). 
I, for one am guilty of blowing most my old wages in Urban Outfitters for that cheap but chic look, so I'm not knocking it. Leading us to the famous quote from the doyenne of country music: Dolly Parton.

LN xx

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