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It's taken me ages to post this, but I have a demanding bubba and wanted to give my bag a fair trial.

The first time my pink lining bag had it's outing was indeed, my labour. 
Having meticulously packed it for baby, I filled its nifty compartments with; loose nappies, nappy bags (Mothercare, they have a lovely baby powder scent), bepathen nappy cream (something I'm way too familiar with having had a couple of cheeky tattoos over the years).
I packed his first 'coming out' jojo Maman sleepsuit complete with blue elephants and dinky hat (bought with a voucher from our lovely CB). Plus a few vests, socks, mitts and fine knit blanket.
Also packed were muslin clothes (Muslim as I keep wrongly pronouncing), plus emergency dummies, wrist rattle elephant - there's even a attachment for you to clip your dummy to. 

The front roomy compartments are handy for mobiles, essentials etc. My bag has stars and bees and embroidered 'mama et bebe' in ever so cool Francais - Something I'm not that competent in. The front pockets are great for stuffing important notes/things to action and keys etc. Things that need to be separate from baby's paraphernalia.
Inside the actual bag on D-day I also packed anti-bac hand gels, jelly beans and jelly babies - for energy in labour, yes seriously! Also some imperative nipple cream and all important wipes; both Johnson's sensitive and Superdrug my little star, both which have proved great and he's had no nappy rash so far!
You should get a bounty pack (given in hospital) I received a mini sudocream which is now safely stored in one of the inside pockets too. I also packed some lovely nipple pads for breastfeeding leakages!
The material is, thankfully, easy to wipe clean inside and outside. 
I love the included see-through zip wet removable bag where I've popped soiled clothes ready to decanter into the washing machine. There's even a removable/detachable mirror.
The biggest saviour has been the fold up padded changing mat that's mightily cool and adorned with 'yummy mummy', (something we all strive for amongst sleepless nights and endless nappies). It's just brilliant for on-the-go mums. And it has served its purpose over Christmas and various outings where stinky poops have been inevitable.
Ive chuckled to myself re this bag, because my partners alpha-male father has even commented on how nice it is!
 Although labour seems so far away now, whilst puffing and panting I remember the midwives cooing over it - and damn right!

Six weeks on, I've marginaly streamlined the bag. In my disorganised state it still has most of the above in it; emergency 'chicken korma poo' sleepsuit, all the creams, lotions and potions. Nappies, wipes, dummies plus a bottle and warmer. 
Although the bag, I now discover, has thermo-insulated pockets to keep milk warm up to 3 hours - yey!
I mix feed, so having a bottle for outings ie coffee shops where I'm a little shy to breastfeed is a real saviour.

Along with the perfect baby name, comes the perfect baby bag. I looked high and low and this particular one was in my John Lewis baby shower wish list. 
I have to say I'm extremely happy with it, not that I've tried any others, but I wouldn't want to.
It's trendy, compact with all the functionality I need and everyone comments how wonderful it is. 
I know! 

LN xx 

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