GLUM MUMS | They're rubbish


I thought for a little treat to myself I'd have some semi-perm lashes applied. But in the early hours of the morning in my sleep deprived state I breastfed and pulled them out one by one.

Let's say my natural lashes have seen better days.
Making the transition back to mascara wasn't ever going to be easy after having Bambi-esque lashes for the last month.

Luckily in early Nov, prior to birth, I treated myself to what I thought was the bees knees of mascaras - 'They're Real' by Benefit.

As a beauty ed, I get to try loads of fab mascara's, and strangely hadn't tried 'They're Real' before. 
I've heard loads of make up artist chums extol the benefits of Benefits (soz) mascara as the holy grail of lash lengthening.
Well, I was highly disappointed.

 I want a mascara to be the business, especially for my current stubby lashes, and I opt for plumping and curling over lengthening. Mine are a satisfactory length, but fine and fair.
I found it to have a glue like consistency, make my lashes feel heavy, and look quite frankly, like nothing. No swoop, no curl, no 'wow', and to top it off a bloody ball ache to remove.

Whenever I'm asked to recommend one, I'll never push my personal mascara opinion.
 It's subjective when it comes to the ultimate masc. And it's down to the brush or texture YOU like. Not what every other Tomasina, Dick and Harriet thinks.

Of course I'll let you in on my fave, it's no secret, as a matter of fact, mine happens to be MAC Zoom lash - bloody brilliant.
But I bet if RL and CB (my co-writers) put their penny worth in, they'd probably throw a complete different m-bomb into the mix.

So, as subjective as this review is, 'They're Real' is not the real deal I hoped it was. 
Especially as I parted with £19.50 for it. Boots customers are not even swayed, with an average rating of 3.9 out of 5 and this rather funny review...

LN xx 

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