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Any new mum will agree that new baby =  sallow skin.

The post pregnancy glow is the first thing to go, along with, (hopefully the belly). So, what to do?
Find the holy grail of beauty balms, something I, and my co writers prepare to do.

These days I'm lucky if I get five mins to clean my teeth, let alone moisturise or slap a face mask on. So anything that can sort a dry, lacklustre complexion in two mins flat is a godsend.

Bliss spa's triple oxygen ex-Glow-sion is a whipped up dream of a face cream in a pot. I happened to stumble across it in all its pink fluffy glory in amongst my baby products.
It says to apply and massage in for thirty seconds, *checks watch* yep, I can do that. 
It sounds odd but I love to compare my beauty products to food. And yes, I have been known to taste test in order to establish if they really do taste as good as they smell. The resounding answer is NO!
This cream particularly reminds me of blamange - that pink retro delight of wobbly dessert. 
Or a fluffy, frothy yoghurt bursting with tasty fruit bits.
But the real nitty gritty is - did it do the job? 

It's the only vitabead-infused moisture cream with oxygen and micro-algae to help with that 'new mum' standard worn-out appearance.
And the fruit bits are actually beads of antioxidant vitamin E to combat all the signs of fast, despo-mum fast food staples of crisps, cheese, toast etc.
Plus Vitamin C and three forms of oxygen help boost that sallow complexion. The only downside is that it's a new-baby budget busting £55.

However, the amount plonked on my hand (below) was sufficient to give me that little radiance boost I needed in 30 seconds, as stated.
And chums have commented I'm looking rather well (liars) so something's working!

I'm not going to plug something if it doesn't do the job, especially at this price point - but if a little splurge can give you the beauty boost we all need right now - I'm all for it! 


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