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This is officially a December post, but having been run ragged with a newborn little boy, a rather traumatic birth, then a further 3-4 days in hospital I haven't had a chance to post it. So here goes...

My little Albie was born on the 30th November, and like his mother he needs lots of attention! The little mite was born after an arduous 16hr labour, which is all now forgotten and the only pain now is his regular demands and stinky poops.

I was lucky enough to get some Superdrug my little star nappies to try on my little man and he's currently contentedly snoozing whilst snuggly in one.

The newborn nappies I'm trialling are soft with plenty of room for any big explosions. They're designed for babies from 4-11lbs (he was 6'13lbs).
When I first tried them on his little bottom and skinny legs, they were so baggy I simply folded over the waistband and affixed the handy velcro tabs to meet diagonally in the middle to ensure a secure fit.
Now he's rapidly packed on a few pounds he's around 8-9lbs ATM (I know, piggy!) they fit perfectly and the tabs attach equally to far edges and give him plenty of movement which is good as he's always kicking his little legs (colic!)

What I like a lot about the nappies is a reduced amount of bulk at the belly designed so baby's belly button can breathe and heal without catching on nasty scratchy waistbands (and for the record he has a lovely perfect 'inny' now).

The elasticated waistband features a delicate print (more for us rather than baby I think!) but the stretchy elastic ensures lots of movement, so no pinching. 

The nappy offers a secure fit so no wee wee up the back disasters like I've discovered with other ill-fitting nappies (or that cd be my partners attempt at putting one on!)
I also like the elasticated leg 'cuffs' that are designed to keep leakages at bay, but baby perfectly clean and dry. 
The nappies tend to get heavier when there's been a 'delivery' so rather than smell the offensive matter, you'll know when he's ready for a change. 
I've not experienced spillages or looseness or even aggravation to his delicate little skin.

However, despite them being suitable for smaller babies, unless you have the fabulous origami talent efforts of myself, they're not ideal for all fingers and thumbs dad or out of practise nanny when it comes to a tiny baby.
So unless these nappies are in the hands  of us deft and talented mummies, for premature babies they may be a rather  fiddly to get a secure fit.
 But as I said before, I never personally found it a problem to get them snug nor did my friend with an ultra tiny baby, but dad might!

I have to say, before Albie, I had NEVER attempted a nappy before. Ever! So this is all very fresh and new to me. Maybe I don't have enough knowledge in the nappy stakes, however I do know my boy is never stinky or screaming as he's never sitting in a soiled, stinky nappy. 

Anyway the best bit about these nappies is the price point - if you'd noticed all the escalating costs, and excitement of buying an outfit for your little one every time you pop out, having as little expense as poss on what we'd class as toilet roll - is a godsend! 
At £3.89 per pack of 32 or a special offer of 2 packs i.e 64 for £7.00 that works out at just under 11p per nappy.

He's a very happy chappy in his super Superdrug snug and comfortable nappies!


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