COOL BUBBAS I Unique Kids Story Book Cards from Cardoo


Ever think that sending cards is a waste of time, money and paper? Well, if you're looking for a Christmas or Birthday card for a little one that won't get instantly binned, then engage them with one of these wonderful story-book cards from

The cards are like a mini-book: short enough to keep a child's attention but long enough to make a card into a gift. 

A story card can be personalised with a greeting for birthday, Xmas, Get Well Soon etc
I read Goldilocks one with a few pages to it to my 2 year old, and it went down very well. See:

Unfortunately it seems that kids are turning away from books, perhaps due to being bombarded with bright visuals on TV and computer. My daughter loves to read as well as watching TV and playing ipad, but this really caught her attention.

Cardoo publish a range of greeting cards which have entertainment, activities, or stories within them, and because they come in a card and not a book, and because they are short and colourful, they are proving very popular.  Every second a child spends enjoying one of these cards, it is helping with their literacy, numeracy and imaginative development. 

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