COOL BUBBAS I 2 FOR £10 on Little Tikes at Asda


If being a busy Mum makes you a last minute Christmas present shopper like me, then you will love the prices on toys at Asda at the moment. Their prices are generally very competitive anyway, but they currently have 2 for £10 on selected toys, and Little Tikes products, a great toy brand.

You're probably too late for delivery before Xmas now, but you can pop down to grab them in-store.

Here are some ideas for stocking-filler toddler gifts, which my 2 year old loves!

Little Tikes Light n Sound Rings
Usual Price: £8.00

Little Tikes Stack n Tow Rescue Team
Usual Price: £7.00

Little Tikes Drop n Roll
Usual Price: £8.00

Little Tikes Food Mixer
Usual Price: £6.00

Click here for all 2 for £10 offers.

Merry Christmas!


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