HIP MUMMAS | Getting my sexy back - thank you M&S


I wrote recently about the back-to-work wardrobe I was planning, inspired by watching Suits on TV.

But despite much careful planning and plenty of dithering over what to wear every morning, I've still somehow managed to feel pretty mumsy most of the time. 

The women and girls I work with (yes there are both species) are for the most part very stylish and always look great. Somehow by comparison I don't quite feel I've got my mojo back.

That is I did feel like that until earlier today when I had a lightbulb moment in M&S.

I was just minding my own business buying some cards (baby card for LN -yay!). They have some lovely and reasonably priced Christmas cards by the way if any of you still do that.

Anyway I suddenly found myself in the shoe department - no idea how that happened :-) - and there was a display of gorge shiny black and nude heels before me. Of course I had to try a pair on and that's when the lightbulb went off.

I went back to take this picture ...
... and somehow ended up with this.
Damn you M&S!!

All of a sudden I felt tall, confident, slim and for the first time in ages a bit sexy! I realised that I'd been wearing flats most of the week so I didn't have to carry my heels around and as a result I'd been feeling, well, flat!

I didn't buy the shoes cos they were sadly a bit tight across my platypus feet, but I'm definitely going to bring a nice pair to work with me tomorrow.

As SATC's Carrie used to say, it got me thinking, do all women have that one thing that can make them feel instantly sexier? And if that's  true can we relax a bit on all the rest?

I'd love to hear what your one thing is if you have one. Or even if you think it's total rubbish! 

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RL x

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