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So an update to my previous post:
I'm 34 weeks pregnant and have so far avoided purchasing a Winter Maternity Coat, which I will only get 1.5 months use out of! However, with temperatures dropping and the forecast lengthy cold snap predicted, combined with the fact my coat buttons won't do up and I just popped a seam at the back squeezing into it (oops!), I decided I need to invest in one.

I wanted something that is a reasonable price and that can be worn afterwards too, so it's not a waste of money. After much searching, I picked two faves to try out. Here are the results:

ASOS Maternity Parka 
From www.asos.com

Made from a shower-proof cotton this funky parka by ASOS Maternity is designed to fit through all stages of pregnancy. Available in black or khaki, it has a faux fur trim hood, quilted lining, soft fluffy inside to the hood, zip front, and over bump inner drawstring. It is also cut longer at the front to cover your growing bump.

Generously fitted to allow for jumpers etc to be worn underneath, yet not so big as to look silly. This means you can stay really warm on cold days by layering up underneath, but on milder days remove a layer.
Easy to do up despite my large bump. Also the trendy design means it wouldn't look odd post-pregnancy, eespecially if worn open.

Here is me in a size 8:

MamaliciousPadded Waterproof Warm Black Sensation Maternity Jacket Short Black
Available from www.yummymummymaternity.co.uk

This is a padded, waterproof, warm maternity jacket, called The Sensation and designed by Mamalicious maternity wear for very cold winter conditions. This maternity jacket features a large collar, and elasticated cuffs with an elasticated waistband for a slimming effect, and deep front pockets.

This maternity coat is designed with both a zip, and poppers to do it up. The idea is that you use the popper when your bump is small, or after the baby is born, and when your bump is large, you only use the zip. This is a great design, as when your bump is small, you haven't got this huge amount of fabric swamping you, but it's there, for when you need it with a big bump.

I found this coat to be very warm, yet not heavy to wear, and fits over light clothes without being baggy, or jumpers easily. It's a little more functional looking and less funky than the parka, but definitely warmer and good for really cold days. Despite being absolutely massive now, I felt quite stylish in it considering it's a real 'warm' coat. Highly recommend. Also great that I can wear it as a normal coat afterwards. Bargain!


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  2. If you would like to find the best selection of maternity winter coats available, then you are going to need to start your shopping in the early fall, when stores first begin to put out their fall merchandise. It can take some amount of time to find a coat that you love, so you should budget your time accordingly. Furthermore, do not limit your search simply to your local maternity stores.


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