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Lush Cosmetics are promoting some Chistmas Good tomorrow with their #ThoughtThatCounts Day!

What does Christmas mean to you? Lush believe it's about real thoughts and thoughtfulness: for friends and family, those less fortunate, animal welfare and trying to make the world a better place. So they are taking the phrase 'thought that counts' and filling it with meaning!

On 17th December 2013, Lush staff all around the world will be performing their own #ThoughtThatCounts and would love for you to get involved by sharing your #ThoughtThatCounts on Twitter and Instagram, whatever it might be.

It doesn’t have to be spectacular – it can be as simple as a ‘hello’ to someone you’ve never spoken to before, ‘thank you’ to someone that you love or a thought for someone less fortunate. You could even share your thoughts about how you’ll be making your Christmas more green or cruelty-free.

I'll be using some of their eco Xmas pressie wraps, which are so cute!

Pudding Wrap 
£2.50 each

Whatever you’ll be doing to make this Christmas extra special, please join Lush in making it count!

17th DECEMBER #ThoughtThatCounts

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