GLUM MUMS I Overdue? How to Bring on Labour- or Not?


So again I am 40 weeks pregnant and thus overdue, currently by three days. My first baby was a week late. 
I'm sure most women who have given birth with empathise with me when I say I am so uncomfortable now that I just want the pregnancy over with. I can't sleep as I am so uncomfortable and just generally fed up with the pregnancy niggles.

So last time I tried everything to naturally induce and get the baby to come out. All the old wives tales and any slightly sensible sounding ideas I could find on Dr Google!  

Firstly I drank Raspberry Leaf Tea, approx. 6 cups a day, for weeks before my due date.  Evidently this didn't help bring on an early or timely labour. However,  the midwife and several others I have spoken to since seem to think it could be the cause of the ridiculously strong contractions that I experienced right from the start of labour. Where apparently most women will have a slow start that builds up, they thought I was in the later stages early on due to the strength of the surges.

Then there is of course SEX. Apparently there is something in semen which helps soften the cervix. Well this hasn't worked for me either time and in fact as well as not being in the mood that often I am extremely prone to thrush and cystitis when pregnant,  which means once every few days is pushing it.

Next on the list, and not so sexy, is hot curry. Our LN reckons a spicy Nandos did it for her. Well I have been popping Nandos hot sauce on every (vegan) meal but the only result is the occasional ring of fire.

Pineapples- last time I guzzled back pineapple juice and ate two whole pineapples in one day (apparently fresh us best as it preserves the chemical that has the desired effect) but I didn't give birth for days afterwards.

Supposedly nipple stimulation can help too. Last time I tried using my breast pump but nothing came out of either nipples or womb! I am still breastfeeding my 2 year old now so I don't think this one is valid for me now either.

Other things I tried last time to no avail....evening primrose oil both orally and as pessary and clary sage oil on the belly.

So my conclusion is- babies come when they are ready whether early or late. Mother nature knows best.


Here is my now massive bump!

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  1. Apparently watching emotional films/tv or looking at old photos is meant to stimulate the right hormones for it. Any excuse to watch some girlie movies :-)


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