FIT MUMMAS | Nearing the end and starting again


Stats Day 27
Weight: 64kg
Naughty foods: Chinese takeaway - eek!


As you can see I haven't exactly stuck to my pledge to post daily on my weight and food habits. Somehow things just went horribly wrong this month and while I haven't put any weight on, I haven't exactly hit any weight loss targets.

I'm not fooling myself. I haven't been doing the exercise and even though I haven't been stuffing my face with crisps and chocolate, I've not been doing my best work either.

Now I know there are no cheats and that it's got to be the hard way or not bother at all. But desperate times and all that. So, I've got a few firming creams to try over the next few weeks before I go abroad. Look out for updates on what appears to be working and what isn't.

I don't have high hopes but you never know!

RL x

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