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Neal's Yard Mother Gift Box, £35.00


I was lucky enough to receive a Neal's Yard Mother Gift Box  as a gift when I was three months pregnant with my first baby. I then became addicted to the products which I continue to use now for my second pregnancy.

This lovely gift box for for mums-to-be contains:

  • Mothers Balm 50g 
  • Mothers Bath Oil 100ml 
  • Mothers Massage Oil 100ml 
All the products are safe to use during and after pregnancy, and are designed to keep that stretching skin supple and soft. They also contain relaxing oils to de-stress a tired mother or mum-to-be.

Of course, the three products can also be bought separately. Below are the details for and my review of each:

Mother's Balm, £19.75 for 120g

This balm is fragrance free, and contains Coconut oil, Apricot kernel oil, Beeswax, Almond oil and Macadamia seed oil. It is designed to prevent or treat stretch marks, a common side-effect of pregnancy. I am happy to say that having used this throughout my pregnancy and afterwards, I am lucky enough to have no resulting stretch marks. Anyone who has seen me in a bikini will testify!

The balm is solid but when you scoop it onto your fingers and start rubbing in, it becomes more like an oil. It is best to leave it to sink in for a few minutes before putting on your clothes or you may get 'grease marks'. In fact, it's best to use only at night after a bath really as it does leave skin a bit greasy feeling. It feels lovely though and you will feel really moisturised.

Mothers Bath Oil, £14.75 for 100ml

Infused with relaxing fragrant essential oils ((Bergamot, Ylang ylang, Lavender and Cardamon) mixed with moisturising olive, apricot and almond oils, this 'mother's treat' bath oil smells lovely and is really relaxing, without making the bath feel too oily. A bottle should last 6 - 8 baths. It is safe for expecting mums and after the birth. I use this every time I bathe to relax and moisturise my skin and bump.

Mothers Massage Oil, £19.50 for 100ml 

This oil is a gorgeous silky mix of essential oils chosen for both their beneficial properties on the skin as well as their gentle aromatherapeutic benefits on the mind. It contains neroli and mandarin oils, mixed with soya and almond.

Unfortunately, I have to persuade the hubby to help with this one so don't use it as often as I would like. If I am in desperate need and then will dab a little on my shoulders and rub it in myself, and just the smell helps to relax my tired typing shoulders!!

I also love these Neal's Yard products because they are mainly organic and carry the animal Cruelty Free promise as well as being suitable for Vegans like me!


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