GLUM MUMS | Fuzz off random hairs!



COME on fess up, you found a black chin hair recently didn't you? 
Then furiously plucked it before anyone noticed....
Trouble is, in this sunlight, someone ELSE is going to spy one before YOU do!
This little delight is a common occurrence in pregnancy. Hormones make everything grow wildly - including hairs you never knew could sprout from, well, places you never knew.
Daddy has no idea why my usual fornight tweezer session is now a weekly sweat-induced panic if I can't locate them - I mean seriously, I never intended on signing up for the circus.
To top it off, the chin hairs are just a SMALL tuft of a problem. 
Lets discuss my arm - and randomly just ONE arm. 
The right arm has a patch the size of a Jaffa cake with fluffy black hairs. In amongst the rest of my fair blonde arm hairs it's bloody noticeable, believe me. 
However, as it's located at the back of the arm, only strangers may notice who happen to be breathing down my neck on the hapless train journey home (rather than myself with my 2-second attention span/goldfish brain) who luckily forgets this hairy occurrence as often as my keys, phone and anything mildly important.
So - there's not a lot I can say really on this matter, it's either fuzz or fess up.
I admit I had a little tussle with the razor and as it was a special occasion (my birthday) I shaved said jaffa patch off. 
However, when I DO remember its presence, I'll find a little bit of wax (I don't have pots sitting around at home regardless of common assumptions) namely the cheap bikini variety, or ones for facial fuzz. You know those little slim strips, rather than the gargantuan sheets that take half your skin off as well - those. Then I'll quickly whip the blighters off in 2 seconds flat.
I can't say there's a miracle cure or anything that will change the fact you're rapidly turning into a gorilla come worzel gummidge. But, generally waxing, and indeed these lovely VEET strips teamed with a good ol' Tweezerman session, should help the hair growth slow down and seem less offensive.
L xx

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