Whether you're a preggo mum like me or just a worn out mum there are inevitably days (more often that not I find) where you look in the mirror and just think "urgh!".
So what can you do to make yourself feel and look a little brighter?
A tan makes us all feel better, especially when you wake up and your phone helpfully tells you it's -2C outside.
I'm a fan of St Moriz self tan.  It's one of the cheapest on the market, at £4.00 for 200ml from Boots but it gets top reviews and I think it's just as good as St Tropez and other more expensive brands.  It comes in medium or dark and you can choose from lotion or mousse.  I personally prefer the lotion but that's just because I'm messy and tend to end up flicking the mousse round the room.
St Moriz £4.99 from Boots
At the moment I'm tending to use this on my face and then use a gradual tanner on the rest of my body as it's more moisturising.
I like Garnier Summer Body as it smells nice and fruity, and not like biscuits.  It's light and easily absorbed meaning you don't need to worry too much about waiting to get dressed. 
Again, this comes in a few shades depending on your skin type and is £5.49 from Boots.
Garnier Summer Body £5.49 from Boots

Bright nails are bound to make us feel a little less dull, so whether it's your trotters or fingers, a splash of colour is a quick and cheap fix.
I really like Rosie Fortescue's Nailed range which is available from Harvey Nicholls or or online at The Beauty Store.  Most polishes are around £7 each and I totally recommend using their base and top coat as this really does help it last.  I just took my polish off after nearly a week and that was with daily washing up and cleaning.
My favourite shade- Rosie's Red
Finally a slick of colourful lippy will brighten your face.  If your lips are a little dry I recommend Soap & Glory's Mighty Mouth which is a fab combo of hydrating and plumping ingredients with an added glossy pink finish.
Mighty Mouth is available from Boots at £8.00
Pretty pink colour and ultra hydrating
*Boots currently have 3 for 2 across their skincare range, so an ideal opportunity to treat themselves... and no I'm not being paid to say this!

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