COOL BUBBAS I Birthday Parties


Is it just me that comes out in a cold sweat at the prospect of organising a kids party?  I mean, when they're little a small tea party at home is manageable, but this year Ella turns 8 and hearing the stories she comes home from school with there's no way I'd be inviting 30 hoodlums round to our house!
A couple of weekends ago Ella was invited to a disco at the local leisure centre.  After we dropped her off, swapping 2 hours of sitting in a room of sweaty and shrieking 7 year olds for a civilised lunch at a country pub, we discussed a similar party for her.  After all, venue hire taken care of, all you have to do is turn up with a buffet and balloons. 
Two hours later we arrived to collect her, 30 beetroot faced kids out of breath from dancing, boys skidding on their knees through wotsits and cake...
The Mum then proceeded to get some control back and dish out the party bags.  "Who's had a good time?" she yelled, resulting in "Me!!!!" from 30 kids. 
5 minutes later and I decided avoiding a party was a better option.
"Erm, Ella, would you like a party OR would you like to go to the seaside for the weekend instead?"
Mummy- 1
Kids parties - 0
And so, a weekend in Poole awaits us instead of dealing with a room of mental kids high on fizzy drinks!

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