HOT MUMMAS I Leg & Foot Cream


Recently I posted about what's trending in baby names for 2016 as seen on Babyblooms and as a thank you for mentioning their website and fab choice of presents and goodies they sent me some of their Cooling Leg & Foot Cream to try.
I confess when it came I didn't think I had much use for it, as I tend to slap on the same old moisturiser each night.  However, at now 32 weeks pregnant I have started finding it much harder to get to sleep and having restless legs.
So out came the Babyblooms cream and I have to say, it's lovely.  Not only does it smell gorgeous thanks to the key ingredients of invigorating peppermint and lavender, but it's also easily absorbed and definitely soothing.  After using I definitely found my legs felt less fidgety and I soon drifted off into a nice deep sleep...well until the baby bouncing on my bladder woke me up!
Thankfully I'm not going to be pregnant this summer, but I can imagine this would be great on a hot summer's day when your feet are hot and swollen.
Babyblooms Cooling Leg & Foot Cream is £10 for 110ml jar, but you don't need to use all that much, so it will last a little while.

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