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I know we're predominantly a mummy and baby beauty blog, but sometimes we like to go off piste, which is rather apt given it's the height of ski-ing season.

I've been rather piste off with the issues my stomach caused over Christmas - I spent days cramping with excess stomach acid, then living on mash potato/soup/stews after my excessive cheese/pigs wrapped in blankets consumption. Then it continued into early Jan/Feb - after a few heavy nights on the sauce, heavy eyes for me the next morning where I'd be running up and down the stairs to make the loo - it was awful.
In short, I'm allergic to wheat/barley - still NOT fully proven, but my arse would contest if it wasn't.

Gluten free items tend to be bland, full of sugar/salt to make them less tasteless/cardboard-like, but we've come on leaps and bounds. Suddenly companies are proud to boast of their wares with scrumptious puddings, bread, even sausages (yes, those buggers are full of flour/wheat/all sorts!)
So I thought I'd round up a few that are keeping my stomach very happy - and my son also likes....


I can't believe these sweet treats are gluten and dairy free (also vegan friendly) given how great they taste.
The one floating my boat is Millionaires' Pud.
It's not too sweet, has a lovely mixture of chocolate, a nice biscuity base (even though it isn't biscuits, obvs) and a delicious caramel layer made with soya milk.
The chocolate is laced with madagascan vanilla and the biscuit base is a gluten-free friendly blend of rice, potato, tapioca, maize and buckwheat.
A lot of love has gone into these puds - and I insist you try this particular one.


Available from Tesco

Amy's Kitchen

One of my favourite items from Amy's kitchen is the Broccoli & Cheddar bake, perfect for those lazy gluten-free lovers - one to shove in the micro.
A fusilli pasta (rice pasta) with cheddar sauce and broccoli and even faux breadcrumbs for that extra crunchy texture, it's certainly a winner with me and my little man.
No meat, fish, poultry OR eggs are ever used in Amy's products - again, I'm in disbelief - from the fact it tastes so bloody good. It's also vegetarian society approved.

Sainsbury's Nationwide


Mrs Crimbles

So we were sent a variety of Mrs Crumbles items to try, and the one that made say 'hello!', or should I say, 'Bonjour!' was the authentically French madeleine cakes.
Each individually wrapped, I found myself eating one for breakfast, in the afternoon with a cup of tea - quite frankly, all day long. It's no wonder I don't roll out of the door...
The chocolate version with a nice gooey choc filling was my preference, as the classic one was a bit sweet, I could feel my teeth groaning in pain with the sugar content - and they had a slight aftertaste - but the chocolate was spot on.


So if you're just generally avoiding wheat/naughtiness - I can't stop you on the naughty front, but give my gluten-free heroes a go.

LN x

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