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I don't know about you, but I'm still in winter mode. OBVIOUSLY. What with the absolutely baltic weather 'n all.

*walks in, cranks the heating up to 30*

Which translates quite simply in my house as: black 40 denier tights, black jeans, black leggings and sh*t loads of layers.

It also means I can hide the absolute forest that is threatening to sprout through the aforementioned - by donning my sexy leg attire to the office (and no-one is any wiser).
I can still look fit, but full of fuzz.

Most men would be horrified if they saw what lives beneath my leggings. But it's lucky I don't have one to judge - so I wantonly parade said chewbacca pins in the comfort of my own home.

It was brought to my attention recently that us ladies are being completely ripped off in the hair removal stakes.
Given the fact, come summer, we desperately need to depilate. Unless of course, we want to be mistaken for our German sisters (soz, Helga) or look like we're wearing the latest 'furry trimmed' bikini bottoms, we're under duress to buy razors - often at eye-wincingly stupid prices.
But worst of all, a mans pack of five is cheaper than one of our pretty little pink counterparts - JUST BECAUSE THEY'RE BLOODY PINK AND SMALLER (yes, I am getting shouty!)

I find myself re-buying the body of the razor and ten ton of packaging to avoid buying overpriced heads.
Did you know it works out cheaper to buy the body with two free heads? Maybe you did.

I then use this razor for the next few months, find myself getting ingrown hairs, nicks and cuts, or patches of hair where the blade has worn down and isn't doing feck all - all because I don't want to have to pay another £6-10 for a new body/razor etc four weeks down the line.
So that's my FFS moment.

On a FFS vibe - have you heard of Friction Free Shaving? Probably not.

It's the first UK based razor subscription service where four heads are delivered to you once a month for as little as £3 and no P & P. Amazing.

This isn't a sponsored post - it's just to raise awareness to fellow mums of this brilliant service that will make life a hell of a lot easier and something else you don't have to think about (nor nick off your hub - wasn't a shaving pun FYI).

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