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OK, so first I apologise for not having blogged for a little while...but I have a good excuse.
Poppy Hope Jones arrived last Monday 22nd February...6 weeks early, but perfect nonetheless.  She's currently in special care in our local hospital but is doing well and so hopefully it won't be too long before we get our little bundle home.
Introducing Poppy
When I was pregnant I avoided underwired bras as they're not really recommended and so started wearing non-wired and ordered some maternity/nursing bras from eBay.  Moral of the story, don't buy cheap bras from China- although they looked pretty, the support they offered was crap and they lost their shape within a few hours.  Thankfully the seller was really good and refunded me...but that left me seriously short of bras, and with my days spent juggling being with the littlest one at the hospital, and then home for the bigger one, I really didn't have time to go into town to search for uninspiring bras.
Lovely Amoralia goodies
Thank goodness Amoralia came to my rescue and very kindly sent me a selection of bras.  I had to guess at my size as my milk hadn't really come in at this point but having arrived they fit like a glove (a glove for my boobs!).
My favourite is the One & Only Nursing Bra £29.00.  It is seriously comfy so is ideal for sleeping in, but offers the right amount of support, ensuring those bad boys stay in place as do the breast pads... nobody likes waking up to sheets that smell of stale breastmilk.  It's made of really soft and stretchy fabric so I can put it on without even undoing it if I feel super lazy.
One & Only Nursing Bra in pewter £29.00
It's fair to say that we feel totally unsexy after having a baby... we're leaking from all ends, have a jelly belly, some dodgy line that looks like a drunk person's been let loose with an eyeliner on our bellies (that could be just me) and generally we're a hormonal mess. 
It's a wonder what some pretty nursing lingerie can do and after having a nice soak in the bath and trying on my new undies, I seriously felt much better... I think the soft lighting in the bedroom probably helped somewhat too.
Amoralia lingerie is available online at
This post is sponsored by Amoralia who very kindly gifted me with some underwear in my hour of need. 

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