Everyone loves a spot of multi-tasking, if it's not pinching the fellas razor (although I don't currently have one to pinch off of) then why not start stealing the baby's stuff too?

I'm suffering with a head cold and snotty nose. I can't stand that horrible thick nasal speech - and if someone sounds ever so slightly 'flu-ey' I recoil in horror and shuffle away.
If it happens to be on the train - I scuttle to the next carriage. That dramatic.

Right now, I've got a giant red hooter and a tissue hanging out of my nose to stem the persistent runny snot, and Albie keeps exclaiming: 'silly mummy!'

My absolutely go-to baby cold product is Calpol Vapour plug and Nightlight - it's bloody marvellous.
It can be used from 3 months plus and helps clear the nasal passages and make breathing easier for baby. It was initially recommended by a dear mummy friend, Stacey - 'Haaaaiiii Stacey!'
I've not looked back since.

It has a scent reminiscent of a spa, with lavender and camomile pulsing through the plug-in. Which is why, instead of my usual Beechams powders, I'm stealing Albie's product. Although I did purposely go out and buy this for ME today.

It comes with 5 refill pads, and says it works for up to 8 hours with each pad. I'd say you get 2 days fragrance/vapour out of each one - with it waning slightly after the first 24 hours.

My entire house becomes enveloped with lavender, and I feel it really helps with congestion.
I have so many of the plugs kicking about the house, so if, god forbid, you're an entire house of flu-bags - then just pop one of the plug/nightlight refills in each room - and you can all breathe easily!
Either way it's a great alternative to caffeine/all sorts of heart-race inducing (for me, anyway) cold and flu remedies.

A couple of paracetamol at my worse points, and a night with my Vapour Plug, I'll go with the alternative option, thank you!
Oh, plus some Vicks rub on the soles of my feet. Boom!


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