STRESSED MUMMAS I Cellulite Crisis


There I am, admiring my bump in the mirror whilst in my undies when I spy my bum and legs and a shit load of cellulite.  I mean, where does it even come from, and can it please go back there?
My legs are undoubtedly my problem area.  I love working out, but even pre-pregnancy, my legs were the one area that always stayed a bit wobbly and a bit dimply.  "Leave your legs alone!" Mr J would say whilst I prodded and pinched the excess flab on my legs. 
Well that's nothing compared to the chubby cellulite legs and bum I have now.  I've been going to the gym 4-5 times a week, admittedly I am limited in what I can do, but as a minimum will do 10k on th exercise bike, followed by some light weights.  I've even maintained doing squats in a bid to try and keep my bum in check...although with a lot less weight than usual.  There's a fine line between doing squats to try and keep in some sort of shape and risking a baby falling out. 
I've tried various creams, Bio Oil and coconut oil in the past to try and help firm up, but can't say any have really worked.  I'm hoping some of this is fluid retention, and it'll go post baby.
Either way, I have bitten the bullet and treated myself to Spa-Find's anti cellulite body serum.  It has really good reviews and promises to reduce water retention, firm and tone skin.  It is also 100% natural with ingredients that help break down fatty deposits.
For a serum it's not too greasy, smells lovely and is easily absorbed.  As well as slathering moisturiser on my bump, I'm now applying this twice a day.
Spa Find promise results after 4 weeks, so I'll keep you posted!

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