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It's been so long since I packed a hospital bag that I've been looking online for lists of what I need.  Babycentre has recommended lists, and forum posts suggest taking three bags.  Three bags, seriously?!
Last time round I went to hospital with no bag.  I called the labour ward with pains at 25 weeks and they told me to come in and bring a bag "just in case", but me being me, decided they'd send me home so off I went just myself and a book!  This resulted in Mr J having to race home from work, 70 miles away, quickly sort me a few essentials and then drive another 50 miles to the hospital I was transferred to.  3 days later, still stuck in a delivery room with no window and I was trying to shave my legs with his electric shaver.  That was of course before I lost all my dignity and Mr J was fishing out bits of carrots after emptying my sick bowl down the sink!
Bearing that in mind, I decided three bags including a tens machine and a handheld fan is a load of bollocks.  I've even read ladies packing a plastic jug for those first wee's after giving birth.  Whatever happened to just weeing mid-shower?!
Last time, Mr J was dispatched to the nearest supermarket for maternity pads, big pants and new pyjamas and so I realise it's really not the end of the world if I don't have a fancy pants going home outfit or a year's supply of nappies with me.
I've not yet fully packed, but I have a bag prepared with a few essentials ready...
Starting clockwise, here's what I have so far
1. Asda Little Angels newborn nappies - these have dreamskin technology to protect newborn botties. 
£4.50 for 26, or 3 packs for £12
2. Cotton wool pads- easier than faffing with cotton wool balls for nappy changes
3. Wash bag- packed with the obvious shampoo and conditioner, shower gel, toothbrushes for us both etc.
4. Superdrug My Little Star New Mum maternity pads
99p (currently buy one get one half price on selected products)
5. Pyjamas- dark PJ's are obviously recommened post baby, and I decided to treat myself to some nice ones. 
Ted Baker at Debenhams pyjamas £25.
6. Superdrug My Little Star New Mum nipple cream- 99p.
7. Black knickers- Why bother with grotty disposable ones when you can just ditch these?
Primark £2.50 for 5 pairs. 
8. Pampers new baby wipes- these were a freebie from my Emma's Diary pack. These are more for me, for makeup removal and general freshening up!
9. Newborn neutral baby sleepsuit.  £11.00 from Boots.  I obvs will pack a couple more and vests and a hat.
10. Lanisoh breast pads- again a pregnancy pack freebie.
11.  Soft blanket.  Neutral and a Primark cheapie.  Can you tell I'm not convinced the sonographer got it right?!

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