Wow, 30 weeks, that's like 3/4 of the way through pregnancy and well into the final trimester.  Anything after 36 weeks is pretty much full term, so being only 6 weeks away from that milestone is a major triumph...although there's still that sinking feeling that I might not last that long and what-if.  But then I mentally bitch slap myself and pull myself together.  One thing I have learned, is don't worry about the future and what's not happened yet.
It's both sad and exciting to be this far through my pregnancy.  Every time I go shopping for baby things, I can't help but look at the boys things and think "Oliver would have looked so cute in that".  We were in Sainsbury's a few weeks ago and they had some brilliant Gruffalo stuff, and Gruffalo was his favourite cuddly and story. 
One of our next jobs is to go in the loft and sort through what we have and work out what we need to buy, silly little things like baby nail scissors that I can't remember if I kept or binned.  I know there's toys up there that'll never get played with again.  Because they were Oliver's.  Scout can never be played with again, as the songs just bring back too many memories, after all he got played with every day and was guaranteed to help Oliver settle down to sleep. 
My Ojie and Scout

Another 2 weeks and I'll see the consultant again and hopefully get a date for my stitch removal which should be the beginning of March.
 Annoyingly, Mr J is on a two week course in February which means half term on my own with madam.  I think that'll be a sedate half term then- cinema and soft play.  Thankfully she's at a really good age now where she understands my pregnancy quite well and knows I get a bit more tired and can't walk as quick on the way home from school!

I do, however, come with a handy shelf


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