How about Sarah?  No, too plain.
Jack?  No, I had a boyfriend called Jack.
Megan?  No, went to school with Megan, she used to wee herself.
Naming your new baby is a nightmare to find a name you both agree on.  Fortunately we had one in reserve from last time... and no, I'm not sharing it!  It's so hard trying to find a name that you both like and then you need to take into account whether there's going to be 10 kids with the same name in their class at nursery, and how it'll date over time.
With my first baby, Ella who's now nearly 8, I bought a book (old school) and spent ages sifting through pages of obscure names and their meanings before we finally decided on a name, and even then I briefly changed my mind whilst I was in labour.
Now, thanks to Babyblooms you can see what's hot and what's not and get some inspiration.
How about these for starters?
In 2015 the top 3 Babyblooms boys names were Charlie, Harry and Henry.
For girls it was Jessica, Florence and Charlotte (after the Princess perhaps).
Babyblooms are predicting vintage names will make a revival this year.  Ethel, anybody?
My daughter's middle name is May, and we started calling her Mavis (amongst buttercup, cupcake etc) and it's kind of stuck, so much so we both actually really like it as a name.
Would you call your baby Mavis or Rita?
Or do you like to be a bit more unusual...North, Apple, Skegness....
Where do you get your baby name inspiration from?  Do you go traditional or quirky?!
For more inspiration and to get ahead of the game on this years' predicted trends have a look at Babyblooms
Psst... they do some lovely baby gifts too!

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