High five! 
I have reached another milestone and now officially in the 3rd and final trimester. 
Every week is another milestone for us and for baby's development and while most mums eagerly count down to their due date and wish their pregnancy away, we celebrate each Monday, knowing we've made it another week.

This post was planned to go up much earlier in the week, so part baby brain, part
manic-ness that I'm only just writing this now...

This week started out pretty standard with the usual school run and work routine, and a few appointments thrown in for good measure.  On Tuesday I saw my midwife and all was good, with bump getting measured for the first time.  Because of the stresses of my last pregnancy and subsequent loss, my midwife has said she'll treat this pregnancy like a first pregnancy, which means more appointments, and if I want to see her more, then I am just to ring her.  Being 28 weeks, I also got my whooping cough jab.

My bedside table essential

Wednesday was an appointment with my consultant at the hospital and after some deliberation, he decided he would scan me and my cervix, and thankfully all is looking good.  Annoyingly, he scanned my tummy too but didn't let me see, and when I asked if it still seemed to be a girl he shrugged his shoulders and said he doesn't tend to check!  Meh!

28 week bumpie

The consultant then decided that taking into account my stress and complications with this pregnancy I would be best being signed off work.  Thankfully work have been really supportive, and some of them are aware of what we have been through, so whilst *mildly* inconvenient to them, they are understanding, or they do a good job of pretending to.

Taking into account my previous prem labour and concerns, the consultant and I agreed for me to have steroid injections which would help mature the baby's lungs should she (he?) come early...although he's not expecting it.
So that was prick number two of the week and man alive, had I forgotten how much those massive needles hurt!  Back again the following day for the other bum cheek to be punished!

I'm also rhesus negative which means I need to have anti-D in case mine and the baby's blood crosses as my body could create antibodies which could harm the baby, so today was the 3rd hospital trip of the week and 4th injection!  Suffice to say it's 9pm on a Friday night and I'm tucked up in bed with the laptop and Gaviscon!

That brings us up to speed with week 28.  In a nutshell, 4 pricks and a sick note.

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  1. I'm currently 26 weeks and cannot believe I am almost in the third trimester. Pregnancy just seems to fly by doesn't it? It's really good to see that your midwife is being very supportive of you. It looks like you got a really good one. I hope your pregnancy keeps going along well. Not long until you meet your bundle of joy.

    Sarah's Abode -xx


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