It's the middle of winter, it's cold, dark and miserable and that pretty much matched me and my mood last week.  Seeing my body changing is both a joy and a curse, and being winter my skin is pale and pasty and my long dark hair was looking less than luscious.
Before: long, dark and non descript
We only moved to the area less than two years ago so I'm still finding my bearings for where to go for the beauty essentials of lashes, brows, hair and nails.  Until now I've tried two local salons, but wasn't blown away (every pun intended) so decided to try somewhere else.
After trawling Pinterest for inspiration and then scouring salon recommendations I bit the bullet and booked in at Barbarella on St Giles St in Northampton town centre.  The salon sounds every bit as glamorous as it's name with huge sparkly mirrors and stripped wooden floors. 
It was a filthy Saturday morning so I got Mr J to play chaffeur so I wouldn't have to brace the rain and risk ruining my new do.  I was greeted by the team of chirpy staff and was offered a cup of tea (instant tick in the box) before having a consultation with my stylist, Emma.  She totally listened to my garbled interpretation of how I wanted my hair which was low maintenance balyage to lift the dark brown.  I always find it hard to articulate how I want my hair to look and will admit I'm incredibly fussy.

Emma talked me through what she was doing whilst we made chit-chat and it was bliss to sit and do nothing for a couple of hours but drink tea and flick through OK magazine.  Two pregnancy wee breaks and three hours later and I was done. 
After: subtle balyage
I now feel slightly less drab than I did before, and my new locks will see me through the remaining dark days until, hopefully, a not too distant spring arrives.
Northampton mummas!  Barbarella are offering £35 off with selected stylists during January so give them a call on 01604 601 117 and treat yourselves! 

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