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New year, new me, blah blah blah.

Essentially it's a new day, but that one day spurs us on so much to make a change as it brings in a New Year. It puts us in this general mindset to be proactive (hilariously when you look back the previous years attempts - perhaps a meagre 30 per cent has been achieved).

Since Monday (oh, today), I've been writing lists of TO DO and NEW ME codswallop - although I do think mine is rather achievable.
But in hindsight I could have done it all last year when I got a little lazy and procrastinated, and quite frankly ended up still unable to drive. And fat.

This years include:

Learn to drive

Read more books (got new Kindle)

Gym - tone up

Same old story....

My post today is about my face. I've decided I need to ramp up the skincare routine.
I hit 35 last year, and since having the little man I've really noticed how much the tiredness and exhaustion is taking a toll on my face (and there's only so much strobe cream and highlighter I can slap on).
I've never succumbed to botox or fillers or anything drastic, but my laughter lines tell another story Note to self: stop laughing so much.

I recently updated my make-up skills, and found myself on a course with some lovely ladies and one token guy (who looked bloody great with a cut crease and eyeliner, I tell ya).
Each application we cleansed with an oil and removed all the excess with a micellar cleansing water suitable for very sensitive skin.

I heard about this backstage beauty product years ago (favoured by models and makeup artists alike) when I was a fully fledged beauty editor (if I'm lucky I can muster up about one feature a month now juggling little man, a make-up business and the rest!)

It was developed hundreds of years ago to help Parisians deal with their notoriously harsh water supply - and is known to remove dirt effortlessly with the micelles (more coming up about this shortly) and leave skin glowy and dewy.

I can find 5 person Micellar Water pro's immediately...

1. You don't need to rinse after using
2. It's hypoallergenic
3. No perfume or alcohol so doesn't leave skin sore and red raw
4. Leaves skin soft, not tight and stingy - doesn't smear make-up around the face like wipes do
5. Removes really stubborn mascara/makeup- the cleansing agents lift the dirt away from the skin like a magnet.

As a mum, I find my beauty routine NB: non-existant-wipe-my-face-with-his-wipes (or anything I can find) is the easiest way to go before I collapse into bed exhausted. We're just looking for ease to cleanse, right?
But armed with my beauty arsenal of Sainsbury's cotton pads & Garnier Micellar Water. It's actually far easier to remove make-up effectively than with a wipe that I've been lazily using for the past few years and drying the fook out of my skin.

The formula is made out of micelles which are tiny molecules of oil suspended in soft water.
To wit, the micelles are attracted to dirt, and grime (I can think of better things to be attracted to) but it draws out impurities and cleanses skin without drying it out and can replace, dare I say, the laborious routine of cleansing, double cleansing and toning.

Do not get me wrong, a great skincare regimen is mega important, there's never a 'I don't get time' or shortcut when it comes to your skin, but really, as a mum, you just can't be bothered or are too exhausted. Put paid to the problem and don't wear makeup at all, but run the risk in scaring a few people.
With magical micellar, I can safely say that it can save a lot of money in the long run by cutting down on your skincare products (one bottle instead of three different items)

Plus there isn't a makeup artist worth their weight in Chanel lipstick that isn't toting a bottle of this game changer in their make-up kit.

Garnier Miscellar Water, £4.00,


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