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Is it just me, or do baby smellies always smell lush?  Maybe I'm weird, but I used to be a massive fan of Johnson's baby soft wash, but they discontinued the range- clearly showing my age as this was probably over ten years ago!  It smelt gorgeous and left my skin soft and smooth and was great before shaving.
Anyway, fear not, as I recently spotted this beauty whilst trawling round Tesco, TreacleMoon Gentle Powder Love shower gel.  It smells divine, not surprisingly like baby powder and can be used in the bath or shower.  It's in nice packaging too, so looks like it'll be more expensive than it actually is. 
Treaclemoon Gentle Powder Love £2.99 @ Tesco
I'm not really allowed baths in this pregnancy due to infection risk, so it's a treat to have some really fab smelling shower gel...and this doesn't break the bank either 500ml of this beauty is £2.99 from Tesco.  It's especially nice at bedtime as has that lovely comforting smell, and leaves skin baby soft!
I just spotted that the other "flavours" are £1.99 at the moment, so worth checking them out too. 

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