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Sometimes, in the harsh light of the department store, I sashay past a mirror, and get a shock at my  face.

Unruly locks, pasty skin, barely there eyes and the those expanding smile lines (they seem to be creeping to my cheeks now) which highlights the general crap-ness of lack of sleep. All while you're desperately trying to portray this image of 'you're keeping your shit together', mama. 
I'd say to myself, 'stop smiling, woman' - but I'm sixty per cent resting bitch face.

Today I popped in to visit a friend, who works on the swanky Dior counter, she always looks suitably pristine - all peachy-perfect skin, coiffed locks and pillar box red lips. 
Today, in her honour, I managed a half-hearted swoosh of bright orange blusher to take me from sallow to hello (hope she appreciated).

As I waited for her to attend to her last customers, I caught one of those uninvited glimpses of myself which immediately sent me into a flurry, realising my lips were very parched, crusty and devoid of any colour.

In lightening speed, myself and the pram hurtled our way to the Elizabeth Arden counter. 
Not wanting to attract attention, and someone trying to sell me the latest 24-hour miracle product. I tried to circumnavigate my way around the plethora of products - to no avail.
There was no bloody 8-hour cream to salvage my poor excuse of a mush - in fact, I couldn't see any lip balm at all to save me.

I relinquished what I thought was a fabulous idea, and scuttled to the front of the door to wait for my friend, crusty lips 'n all.

As I waited patiently I realised I was parked by the Clinique counter. 
Like an glistening donut crying out 'eat me' to a diabetic. There, in all their resplendent beauty, were spanking new lip balms by pure coincidence - and no-one was there. 

Praying they were testers, my hands snaffled the closest one - a natural nude. 

Startled from my dreamy discovery to a: 'Hello, can I help you?' total jump-out-of-my-skin moment.  
'They've just this week come in!', she trilled. 
Damn! I was caught red-handed (pink, in my case). 
Now what crap could I come up with for bludgeoning her beautiful new lip balm. All while my lips looked more magenta than the outfit she was sporting?
I kept my cool and managed to ask a few feeble questions - and then discovered that these WERE indeed brand new, and I was very lucky they WERE actually testers.

What I hadn't discovered, was one side of the product was a sugar scrub in the same colour (very, very effective for crusty lips) and the other side was a balm with a hint of colour.
They are designed to look like tiny little meringues, or delightfully coloured macarons - and my opinion are perfect for the handbag/nappy bag - or a great present for a mama chum.

As a regular Boots 'I'll-sort-myself-right-out-for-the-day' kinda mum. 
A swish of perfume here, spritz of dry shampoo there, lipstick, blusher - you know the sort of shopper, right? 
(Don't deny you haven't done it once in a while.) Cripes, they get my business every day in the baby section - so surely I'm entitled to a spritz.

We get sent lots of products, but I still won't deny, Boots, Debenhams, Superdrug - all excite the pants off of me. 
I love discovering new products (if I haven't already) - and I'll never tire of trawling around (and spending lots of money), not sure Albie feels the same? He automatically cries when he sees Boots or Topshop (although Boots means his Goodies crisps!)

These lovely little pots are exclusive to Debenhams and are £15 each, my favourite natural hue was Sweet Rose.


- They have gorgeous sweetie-inspired packaging
- Exfoliator on one side to slough away dry skin on your lips
- Moisture-packed balm to moisturise and soothe parched lips
- Provides up to 6-hours of glossy shine (and very natural hues) if you want more dramatic - go for the darker colours.

- They're also allergy tested and 100 per cent fragrance free.

LN x

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