As a single mum, who doesn't drive, my only option is online shopping *shudders*

Of COURSE I can do small shops (which add up), or indeed, a large one which means me juggling the pram pushing while stuffing bags in every possible place, on most limbs etc. Then, I can guarantee en route to the bus, it rains.
It's stressful.

For mums, perhaps you find shopping stressful with the kids anyway? Mine usually cries the second he recognises it's a supermarket. But I personally love trawling the aisles, prodding, sniffing and checking out in-store offers. I find the online experience quite cold, boring and I flit between various things *oh I've got a text!* and therefore it 'times out'.

So I thought I'd let you in on a few of my experiences and general online offers I'm aware of. So here goes...


Last year they offered £20 off your first shop. I spy it's gone up to a £80 spend, whereby it was £60 last year.
The selection of food is phenomenal.
Healthy options, ready-made, excellent fruit and veg and a nice variety of exotic - they always have offers just as you are about to pay for your basket - they call them 'flash sales', of which I can't help partaking.
They are SLIGHTLY more expensive than your Tesco or Sainsbury's shop - but if you have a wheat/gluten intolerance, like myself - there's a great selection. I also like their 3 for £10 meat offers, which includes a big juicy chicken - their meat selection has always been great, except this one time that I bought some Turkey steaks and they looked like they had blue ink coming out of them - care to enlighten me anyone?
I also discovered some coconut milk natural ice lollies for my son, which proved great in the summer  - and I still buy now (and I eat).

7/10 - no voucher offers, expensive delivery and higher prices. Nice variety of brands, not just Ocado - and includes Waitrose. Love the vegetable themed delivery vans i.e John in the Onion van is coming!


These are probably my most regular shop.
Their selection isn't outstanding. I can't find my Doves Farm wheat free pasta (which is the nicest one). But their customer service is second to none.
There's been times they've delivered the wrong thing, but they've let me keep it AND refunded me.
One time, they brought the wrong brand of baby milk, which to mums, is sacrilege. You can't mix and match powdered milk brands unless you fancy a poorly baby.
I think that they delivered this the next day - and also refunded me. Some of the silliest gripes they have - I think they are fed up with my email feed of moans and groans. But, the customer is always right and if I say my milk is off, which it was last month (and my tea had lovely floating lumps in it before its best before date). No quibbles - £2 voucher sent.
I also like that they post you vouchers for £6 off - they encourage me to shop with them. I think you also gain bonus nectar points if you use all of them up.
Sainsburys - I salute you. I've been using you for a big shop fortnightly for the last two years solidly. Sometimes even once a week. I have had a few late, and I mean LATE deliveries - but I'll let you off (and I complained).
Delivery cost can also be annoyingly high (always at the busiest days to want a delivery) but if you look for if a van is in your area or spend a certain amount you'll save on the cost of it.

8/10 - Regular voucher offers, although I've yet to see any in 2016. Not a very good free from section or exotic selection of oddities (I like to order random stuff I never use). Generally really good for basics, delivery and service and savings.


Every little helps, eh? Although I'm regularly told by my Sainsbury's delivery note I saved more than £xx than if I had shopped at Asda or Tesco.
I tend to do shops here if I'm having a BBQ or big do at home, kids parties etc. They do great deals on snacks, frozen food (everyone loved the bargain £2 garlic chicken from the freezer food).
Cokes, fizzy drinks etc are all very cost effective from here - and stuff you wouldn't want to be carrying home - so it's always a great way if doing bulk buying.
I'm not a fan of the meat, sorry Asda. I am a food snob. I just don't feel that enthralled eating their meat. Although I have eaten it (probably unwittingly).
My friend Louise shops here, and makes a delicious chicken curry - all the ingredients, including the chicken, popadoms, chutney are from Asda (just remembered this!) So therefore I need to get over my meat aversion - because clearly it is tasty.

6/10 - good offers in store and online, delivery on time, delivery not too expensive.


Not a fan.
I do small shops here as the express one is around the corner - but we all know express means 'rip off' and you pay higher prices for the local service. Not a fan of the meat, (still think I have the horsemeat scandal in my head)  but will eat it if I have to.

Avoid online shopping here - I don't like the website for some odd reason.

M & S

No, it's not a delivery service - but the food snob in me just has to say I BLOODY love M & S. The nibbles, the 3 for £10 meat, the fact they even have a breaded chicken wheat-free option and just so many delights. This is where I do my general/small shops when I can get into town and have room. Food snobbery at its best - but I have to say the 3 for £10 there, is very cost-effective and of course the dine in for 2 £10 meal.


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