I didn't get any roses this year for Valentine's.

But I did get myself Liz Earle's new limited edition Rose & Cedrat Cleanse & Polish.

Silky smooth texture

With the freezing cold weather, and the ultra drying central heating (says me sat next to the radiator typing this) you need to ramp up the daily cleansing routine.

The rich cleanser is perfect for sloughing off dead skin cells (when used with the muslin cloth provided).
You can gently massage the cream over skin while showering, then put your pure muslin cloth in hot water, wring out before gently 'polishing' off the cream.
It even removes stubborn mascara - it's gentle and effective.
No panda eyes here (except from the lack of Valentine's cards).

Other wonderfully moisturising ingredients like cocoa butter help to soften skin, as chamomile readily tones. It's also well known rose is great for soothing sensitive skin; aka moi.

I'm not a big fragrance girl unless it's aromatic and spa-like; but this fragrance, despite it's main component of rose, smells more zesty and orange.

After googling Cedrat, I soon discovered the 'large fragrant citrus fruit with a thick rind' is cold pressed just before it's ripe to make the fragrant oil.
Should I have known this? Apologies if not - I'm still on the basic lemon, lime, orange stages!

It's a must for cheering skin up, and possibly mum for Mother's Day.

Are you a Liz Earle lover - what one is your favourite and why?

For 150ml it's £20.75 and comes with 2 muslin clothes.

Liz Earle Limited Edition

A sample was sent to Babyurbeautiful for review purposes

LN x

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