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There's that annoying phase in pregnancy when your usual skinny jeans and work trousers suddenly feel like they'll slice you in two when you sit down....and that's never a good feeling when you feel nauseous, but equally there's not enough bump to warrant maternity wear without looking like you're wearing a tent.

After a few weeks of managing the hair bobble jeans trick I decided enough was enough and that I needed to buy some new clothes!

This week took me up north with work so I popped to the fab Meadowhall in Sheffield full of optimism! Primark there is HUGE so I was hopeful to find some jeans search high and low and be told they no longer stock maternity wear! 
Next stop was H&M where most stuff is geared towards more pronounced bumps...I felt a bit if a fraud browsing alongside a lady with a lovely big bump!  However I got 2 basic vests and a black t shirt.

H&M Mama Maternity Vest £6.99

After that I tried New Look who have a small maternity range but nothing that took my fancy.  I had a disaster with New Look last week when I ordered some tailored black trousers that were so big I had to pull them in to the maximum and the waist was bunched horribly like a toddler's trousers!

Topshop proved to be my saviour with a lovely pair of indigo skinny jeans. They're a lovely tight fit and true to size.  I recently bought a black pair of Topshop jeans and again they're comfy and smart enough for work.
Topshop Maternity Joni Jeans £36

Work wise I am still on the prowl. Last week I purchased some black trousers from Next and they're better than the New Look pair as these have a soft waist band they're a little loose for my liking and a bit to much like school trousers.  I have just spied that Next have just added a load of new pieces to their maternity collection, so have a look!
Next Slim Maternity Trousers £24

If you have any maternity wear recommendations why not share them with us?!


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