RECENTLY we've had quite a few friends with newborns - and we wrote a piece this week on presents that aren't flowers (even though I turned up with flowers for one anyway - but they were glittery).

So what inspired pressies have I seen of late? 

I stumbled across MORI on Not On The High Street - a baby subscription box which I think is a BLINDING idea! 
Designed to help parents simplify the early stages of parenthood by delivering the basics, every six weeks as they enter a new development period.

When our friends new arrival was born, he was slightly bigger than they anticipated, so a quick trip to Mothercare ensued. 
However, if you had pre-ordered a subscription box as a gift (a one-off, or every six weeks) there would be a slightly bigger selection for a little chubster.

A newborn baby needs the softest of garments against their peachy skin and MORI's wonderful items are just that - a mix of innovative bamboo and cotton - as natural as it comes. Presented in Scandi (my fave) and Japanese designs - they are really simplistic and universal.

Mori & my very tanned hand!

Subscription boxes can include kimono-style bodysuits, sleep suits, dinky hats and a generously sized buttery soft blanket. 
They have small gift boxes available online from £22, and are launching some £12 ones just before Chrimbo.

Most of all, I love their logo - the little MORI character can be featured on personalised gift cards (second, below).

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