Phew, where do I start?! 

After Oliver was born prematurely at 25+6 weeks, I was placed under consultant care for this pregnancy and we were both really keen to ensure that this would mean I was monitored closely and everything done to avoid it happening again.  I saw my midwife last week and asked her what the appointment would entail, and she seemed to think it would be more of a formality and fairly uneventful.

How wrong she could be!  On Wednesday, me and Mr J headed to the hospital expecting to be in and out within an hour.  After finally seeing a nurse for a blood pressure check we got to meet our consultant.  We discussed with the consultant that there was no known reason why Oliver was born early, and whilst it could have been "one of those things", it could happen again and the best idea would be to put in a cerclage (cervical stitch).  This alone was a shock, as when I spoke to my GP when we were thinking of trying again he said a stitch is usually a last resort. 
A stitch would basically hold my cervix in place and stop it shortening and prematurely dilating...which could lead to miscarriage or premature labour. The stitch will be left in until 36 weeks. 
After a cervix scan, my consultant decided that a stitch was the best option and that he we wanted to operate the next day!  3 hours later, after being told the risks, having MRSA swabs and bloods taken we finally could leave. 

So at 7.30am the following morning I was waiting on the labour ward (all other theatres were full) with a load of heavily pregnant women looking like a fraud...and feeling very hungry after being starved for the anaesthetic.  After a whopping great cannula was put in my hand I was told to get into a gown and was taken into the theatre where they gave me a spinal anaesthetic (similar to an epidural and something I'm not keen to repeat) and after they'd established I was numb enough they set to work.

The largest and most painful cannula ever!

Within an hour I was back on the recovery ward listening to the cries of newborn babies..and mums vomiting after their c sections.  I'd been catheterised for the operation but was told this needed to stay in at least 6 hours post operation, meaning it couldn't be taken out until 6pm...and then I couldn't go home until I had been to the toilet.  By 6.30pm with a still semi-numb bum I was trying my best to squeeze out a wee, and then told it wasn't enough!  Two cups of tea did the trick and by 8pm Mr J and Ella could come and take me home.  Weirdly, the most painful bit was my back from the anaesthetic! 

Surgical stockings are always a good look!

From a lot of my googling I read that bed rest was needed, no gym, no flying, no nothing.  I even read no travel on trains due to the vibrations!  The consultant, however said I could carry on as normal so long as I take it easy, however sex is firmly off the agenda!  (insert sad face).  And to make things even more glamorous, I have to take Cyclogest progesterone pessaries twice a day until I am 36 weeks.  These will keep my cervix relaxed and prevent me going into labour.

After a day of taking it easy I am pleased to say I feel fairly normal, and it's no longer agony to have a wee, so that's a bonus.  Here's hoping the stitch and pessaries do their magic and let this little one keeping cooking....


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