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What's your one wish for your little one?  To have a healthy baby must be every mum's top priority...I know it is mine.  Losing my beautiful Oliver, was such a tragic loss, but I knew everything possible had been done by the amazing NHS to save our little man...but imagine losing a child when a vaccine could have prevented it.

Pampers have asked mums to share their children making their wish.... by blowing out their birthday candles

Here are my babies on their birthdays.  Ella cutting her cake for her 7th birthday on holiday in Cape Verde.
Oliver on May 29th 2014- the day after his first birthday and only birthday.

Sadly, in 21 countries across the world, newborn tetanus is still a life threatening risk...purely because there are not enough vaccinations available.
Over the past 10 years Pampers has teamed up with UNICEF meaning every pack of Pampers sold equals one vaccine and have eliminated maternal and newborn tetanus in 17 countries. A huge 49,000 newborns still lose their lives every year due to tetanus, and this can be avoided by a vaccine.

With your help and support by buying Pampers you can help Pampers and UNICEF help eradicate newborn tetanus in the remaining 21 countries.

What's even better, is that every view of this blog post = 3 vaccines!

So please share!!

Please also visit Pampers special video here


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