Maybe that sounds a bit Halloween-esque....

Drip & Chill. Hmm.

I'll let you into a little secret.
I discovered last week that EF Medispa has a Vitamin Infusion service at their NEW clinic in Canary Wharf and I was delighted to go along to their open day - along with a variety of other ladies who had received the exciting invitation.

With trepidation I entered the clinic.
Greeted by white-washed walls, bright white lights, errrthing white (yes, that is a word - in gangsta rapper speak, anyway).
Apart from the 'Dr Evil' chairs that swivel around slightly, it's very serene.

Delighted to see a sea of warm and welcoming therapists and nurses, a hubbub of clients chilling and chirruping away whilst supping on herbal tea (and a bloody marvellous hanging lightbulb in the picture coming up!) I suddenly felt instantly at ease and began wittering away myself to the smiling strangers about how nervous I felt.

Chilling in the Drip & Chill Lounge

You may have clocked various images on social media; of Rita Ora, Kelly Osborne and Cara D - who have been papped with intravenous drips embedded in their arms, some looking rather pleased with themselves as they experience the virtuous treatment.

The nurse told me it's ideal for city clients, and just the tonic for when you've been overdoing it, generally suffering from exhaustion or just simply; 'Frank at the bank' dropping in after overdoing it on 'grandpa's old medicine'.

Unsuprisingly, after doing far too many styling jobs last week (plus my usual 10-6) I'm POOPED.
I could feel the early signs of a cold creeping up on me.
Immune system emergency help beckoned. But my colleague decided I looked a bit on the parched side, so signed me up for Hydration help drip (first row).

It was a small prick,  (that's what she said last night) and very painless - I got myself worked up over nothing - and explained I only wanted a 'quick one' (bag of vitamins, ladies) which ended up taking 45 minutes, while a lady who had the Brain one was finished in 10!

The Drip & Chill menu from £125
EF MEDISPA has an exclusive menu (above) of the Drip and Chill intravenous vitamin therapies.
Ten different mixes have been created to support conditions including a low immune system, dehydration, weight loss - even libido (can't wait to see someone after they've had that one!)

Following an in-depth medical check on the i-pad, professionals prescribe a bespoke blend of vitamins, minerals and nutrients tailored to the client's needs (mine, dehydrated) and put the right levels according to your personal prescription.

Now, you ask where this becomes relevant to us mums, right?
We're exhausted!
Possibly lacking in vitamins (chocolate, coffee, eat, sleep, repeat). It's not going to be everyone's idea of chilling, or suit everyone's bank account - but I'm certainly feeling a little bit more spritely 8 days later.

Already popular in other clinics the Drip & Chill was pioneered in EF MEDISPA's Kensington clinic that open nearly a decade ago. They also offer injectables.

Prices from £100

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