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I love a little trawl through Instagram.
Discovering online boutiques, fitness fanatics, health conscious bunnies, recipe ideas, other mums - just about everything.

I follow a hefty 2k people on Insta, and lose genuine friends posts in amongst the humdrum and excitement of trying to keep abreast of everything (luckily we talk over the phone, eh?)

Had I not followed so many users, I would have sooner discovered my super-talented friend had an equally talented sister.

I've coo'ed over her beautiful daughter (and fallen in love). Hankered over her trendy daily outfits and enviable hair bows.

So it was inevitable she set up an online boutique - featuring her daughter - 1-year-old, Harlow.
This year, Dress Me Up Mummy online boutique was born.

Based on Instagram and Facebook (she conducts her main sales through Instagram) her cherry-picked items are so goddam cool.

Soft knitted beanies, leaf print shorts, pastel-hued snoods, houndstooth dresses - as a mum you'd love to be sporting, but can pass off on your petite little person instead!

Alba Fringe Top (worn as dress), £13 
Despite her most prominent model, Harlow rocking everything with aplomb - it's actually the boys items that seem to be selling in abundance.

Check out this amazing 'Furley' the Fox jumper available in 1 to 3 years.

Furley Monochrome Print, £14.99

Hello Houndstooth Dress, £20.99

They're also currently looking for a brand ambassador baby who will be sent clothes to model for their online boutique - so what are you waiting for....Get involved.

Visit Dress me up Mummy over at Instagram or email 

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