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When I decided to become a mum, one thing I wasn't quite prepared for was how different I would look and feel. Sometimes I look at my old self in photos and don't know quite what happened. I've gone up two dress sizes, my boobs have dropped, my skin is a mess and I look my age for the first time ever! I do have this plan to get back to my old self one day soon, but in the meantime I need a little help to keep from feeling like I'm too far gone.

In part, this blog is about finding those magic products that keep us feeling like beautiful sexy women in the face of puking, water retention, stubborn baby weight, exhaustion and a general lack of time to keep up our old health and beauty routine. It's about making our lives as mums a little easier and a little more fun, so we can hold onto a part of our old selves. Because when we look good, we feel good too.

This summer, I'll be trying to lose some of my baby weight, work out what the hell to do with my lacklustre hair, and find some good value summer beauty products that fit my somewhat limited maternity leave budget.

R. xoxo

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